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Representing the Worlds most inspired travel experiences, united by a belief in the singular power of travel to surprise, delight and transform. 

From ancient knowledge to epic adventures

New Zealand is renowned for its remarkable landscapes, adventurous thrills and bucket-list worthy experiences, welcoming travellers back time and time again to discover its rich traditions and jaw-dropping scenery. Ahipara's in-the-know local knowledge and expertise allow unrivalled travel advantages in this extraordinary country. They take the time to understand each client, putting experiences together on a truly exclusive level, simply not available elsewhere.

There are fewer finer feelings than experiencing a VIP welcome on arrival to a country. Toby Clark, a legend in the New Zealand helicopter industry, meets clients directly off their aircraft. He flies them privately by helicopter via active volcano Whakaari (White Island), to Huka Lodge. Set exclusively on the banks of the Waikato River, upstream from the mighty Huka falls, guests stay at the top-end Alan Pye cottage.

The Maori are the soul of New Zealand and Powhiri or welcome ceremonies, are known to be life-changing, providing an inimitable opportunity for travellers to experience Maori traditions in action. Ahipara take it one step further, arranging private Powhiri ceremonies on the holy mountain of Titiraupenga, exclusively for their guests. After the stirring experience of a Powhiri, it is said the guardian spirits of New Zealand travel with you on your journey.

Few Opportunities arise in life that resonate, restore and relax, but spending time with multi-talented Maori chef Tom Loughlin is, without doubt, one of them. Tom is a 'tangata whenua' (person of the land) - an outdoorsman, search and rescue tracker, hunting guide and repository of Maori knowledge about food. Ahipara have been creating experiences with Tom for ten years. Kai Waho, Tom's company, brings Maori food experiences exclusively to clients. These experiences can happen up in the mountains on a 5,000-acre block of Maori land which Tom has been managing, or near a geothermal reserve, a lake or on a beach.

Experience days with Tom are bespoke to each client to ensure their travel aspirations are matched, with activities including one-on-one traditional weaving lessons, fishing for eels at night, sustainable hunting based on a Maori philosophy, guided and non-guided walks, mountain biking and horseback riding. Spending quality time under his personal guidance remains an unforgettable experience that cannot be replicated.


Contributive Australian experiences

Wild Bush Luxury's guiding philosophy is to provoke, inspire and reconnect travellers to the bush through experiences that are exclusive, natural and above all, quintessentially Australian. They offer a truly unique way for ethically minded travellers to take a self-satisfying life break in order to make a tangible eco-contribution.

Conservation is at the heart of everything Wild Bush do, inspiring clients to embrace the natural world for a more richly rewarding, immersive experience. Arkaba, in South Australia's Ikara-Flinders Ranges is a private wildlife conservancy set in 60,000 acres. Guests can expect astonishing birds-eye views of the natural landscape via a private helicopter, allowing time to take in the raw appeal of the beautiful Australian outback. Landing at an exclusive swag camp for the evening, a full bush dinner awaits, before guests retire for the night to their cozy swag under the stars.

Aside from merely observing native habitat and vegetation, guests can also gain a rare insight into what's involved in conservation, with some hands-on activities. These can include working at close-quarters with nature guides tracking a radio-collared feral cat with a telemetry device, to better understand how to protect native species and the environment through feral control. It's the perfect blend for those wanting to broaden their horizons and return home with the knowledge they have contributed to a better world.

For a truly aspirational experience, Bamurru Plains safari lodge offers exclusive access to 300 square kilometres of private floodplains and savanna woodland on the Mary River, on the edge of the Kakadu National Park. A profusion of bird and wildlife are on the doorstep of this unique bush experience that exudes 'Wild Bush Luxury.' Glide across seemingly endless floodplains on an airboat safari, offering clients an exhilarating glimpse of that rarity - stunning landscapes without the crowds. Amidst a wild tangle of lush foliage and wetlands, it's also a chance to witness an extraordinary plethora of wildlife including saltwater crocodiles, buffalo bulls, kingfishers and magpie geese, highlighting Australia's extraordinarily diverse habitat.

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Access all Indias

Banyan curate uniquely personal and tailor-made travel experiences in India, combined with exclusive access to the most coveted destinations. Their impressive portfolio truly is a cut above the rest.

India is replete with splendid palaces embodying the historical opulence of past and present. The impressive City Palace is one of the most revered attractions in Jaipur, and still home to the last ruling Royal Family. Carefully crafted tours allow exclusive access to the private rooms of the palace to marvel at its resplendent architecture and verdant gardens.

Widely considered one of the most beautiful and moving religious ceremonies in the world, the Ganga Aarti ceremony in Varanasi is a sight to behold and an unabated tradition. Occuring at the crack of dawn on the Assi Ghat or at sunset at Holy Dashaswamedh Ghat, this devotional offering is a highly choreographed affair, performed by young priests in ceremonial dress on the riverbank. Commencing with the blowing of a conch shell (believed to eliminate all negative energy and heighten senses), large lit lamps, music, bells and incense fill the air, offering devotion to the river Ganga. The whole event is a riot of colour and a unique aesthetic experience to witness at least once in a lifetime.

One of the best-preserved and largest forts in India, the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, is a must-see, awe-inspiring destination. Towering 400 feet above the city, it contains one of the country's most impressive museums. Clients can enjoy exclusive, unprecedented access to the fort, glass of bubbly in hand, alongside an expert curator bringing this majestic fort to life with personal stories and anecdotes.

Safari and India are not two things often associated with each other, yet India is a country replete with wilderness, harbouring not just tigers, elephants and leopards, but fantastic flora and fauna. It also remains one of the best places to see a tiger in the wild. Expert naturalists offer exclusive jeep excursions into tiger reserves long after the general public have left. Coupled with high-end accommodation, it's a privilege few have experienced.

For a truly authentic perspective, clients can embark on a carefully conceived guided tour through the bustling streets of Dehli, led by former street children, with The Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk. The tour allows travellers to hear personal stories from the children themselves and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain real insight into urban India life. Revenue from the tours contributes towards counselling, education and support for more than 5000 children.

India is a country that constantly surprises and never fails to impress. Jungle-smothered wilderness, snow-capped vistas of the Himalayas, awe-inspiring's a country where time has well and truly stood still and where experiences not only exceed the norm but surpass it.

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Connecting the native way: Peru's hidden roots

One of Enigma's main focus is the movement of cultural and environmental sustainability. Their goal is to enrich a traveller's Peruvian experience - to really connect to the places they visit, understanding them rather than focusing on the major tourism offerings. Their vision is for travellers to get deep into the skin of Peru. Authenticity is key, under the guide of recommended conservationists, nutritionists, biologists and chefs with years of experience.

The world's most biodiverse forest - the vast and beautiful Peruvian Amazon - is one of the best places to experience the rainforest. With its richness, conservation, wellness and cultural heritage, it also allows this movement of sustainability to flourish. Starting at Puerto Maldonado (a gateway to the Southern Amazon basin), clients are transferred to a local community, unreachable to most visitors to Peru, to experience an authentic and responsible intercultural exchange. Against the tropical forests teeming with wildlife, Enigma's Conservationist expert educates clients in all that this beautiful region can offer. Other explorations include visiting the stunning wildlife spectacle of a macaw clay lick, where hundreds of macaws and parrots gather to munch on nutrient-rich clay. And for those who value the rich cultural aspects of the area, spending time with the traditional nomadic community of the Ese Eja, of which only 700 remain today, remains a unique cultural encounter. Or experiencing the "icaros" by the original 'Yine' women - healing chants practiced since centuries.

On the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado lies a 14-hectare Amazon centre run by a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, who is also a biologist. The centre facilitates wellbeing through the practice of yoga and meditation, but also offers a truly unique and transformational experience through direct contact with the country's cultural heritage. Their aim is to offer a journey of connection with nature and an understanding of the importance of preserving the environment. Ten guest bedrooms are separated by a short trail covered in Brazil nut rinds, with the rooms open to the air, allowing the sounds of the Amazon to soothe guests to sleep. Nutritious local food, nature walks, Amazon visits, meditation and mindfulness are all on offer for those looking for a more holistic experience set apart from the norm. Days close with warm campfires and delicious, nutritious dinners cooked with locally gathered superfoods, while guests learn about environmental conservation in the expert hands of their chefs and biologists.

Authenticity beats in the heart of everything that Enigma offers. The Sacred Valley of the Incas is the cradle of one of the most exceptional corn varieties in the world, adapted to grow only within its boundaries. Visit a real 'White Giant' corn Hacienda to learn how the Incas developed such a unique corn variety, and how ancestral techniques have survived along with the modern production of corn. Afterwards, guests enjoy a delicious 7-course gourmet tasting lunch, savouring local indigenous ingredients and cuisines inspired from Colonial times. All accompanied by the Hacienda's very charming and educated owners, who share their unique life experiences and background.

Enigma's exclusive unmapped journeys combine the very finest of Peru's hidden treasures. Journey on a handcrafted experience to uncharted corners of Peru that will raise the eyebrow of even the most discerning traveller. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, with an emphasis on cultural creativity and luxury, private jets give unprecedented access to bespoke hotspots, whilst revealing and placing the true flavours and essence of Peru right in the palm of traveller's hands. Private dining with top Peruvian chefs and pisco experts allow for a culinary insight that far exceeds expectation.

Peru opens an array of different transformative experiences and encounters that Enigma is always pleased to explore and arrange innovatively, offering a lifestyle the discerning travellers may never have experienced.


Feeling the rhythms and roads of Colombia

Galavanta offer clients a uniquely cultural experience of music, history and elegance in the form of a private concert by Cartagena's Symphonic orchestra, in the magnificently restored Adolfo Mejia Theatre. Built in 1911, with a baroque style in a republican build, the concert hall hosts the city's most glittering events, and is one of both grandeur and exclusivity. Guests enjoy the delights of an exciting new culinary experience with dinner prepared by Proyecto Caribe, two of Colombia's hottest young chefs, renowned for their standout talent and visually stunning culinary flair. The menu is paired with a set played by the Symphonic Orchestra, with a repertoire of some of the most classic songs from Colombia's Caribbean coast, each "marinated" with a dish inspired by the music itself. The whole experience is truly unique, delighting all the senses.

If the focus is more on active adventure, rally driving across the Andes with a professional rally driver delivers in spades. After choosing their vehicle (think old Toyota Land Cruiser from the 80's or a brand new BMW X5), clients depart from Bogota to experience some of Colombia's most dramatic and diverse landscapes. The drive includes the snow-capped peaks of Nevado Santa Isabel set against clear blue skies, where you can vist the thermal baths. They can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the dramatic deserts and starry skies of Tatacoa or visit Silvia (also known as the Switzerland of the Andes), where the Mizak indigenous community live. It is a drive like no other and ideal for the independently spirited - the rally guide goes in one car and the clients in another. Equipped with radios, GPS, chairs, picnic basket and tables, it's a chance to enjoy coffee breaks and lunch against the backdrop of some of the most stunning views of Colombia.

For those preferring a more bird's eye view, the Sierra Nevada helicopter expedition offers the chance to land in some of the most remote and exotic destinations in the world. Departing from Cartagena, clients fly over the thick tropical rainforest and hover over the ruins of the enigmatic Lost City (Ciudad Perdida). This ancient site is one of Colombia's most remarkably concealed gems, built by the Tayrona tribe in 800AD. A trek to these ruins takes three days, but by helicopter only 20 minutes, and 7 minutes from Casa Galavanta, a stunning private lodge high in the verdant cloud forest. The combination is perfect for those wanting a taste for adventure and raw wilderness, but with the comforts of luxury accommodation. Clients can continue the flight to visit a Kogui indigenous community, a unique cultural exchange few have experienced, before landing on the secluded sandbanks of the Palomino river to spend an afternoon trekking in the jungle, paddle boarding, rafting or kayaking down the river. The trip continues on to the remote Cinto bay of Tayrona reserve, only accessible by boat or air, to enjoy snorkeling, swimming and sundowners on the beach. It's a helicopter expedition uniquely designed and minutely detailed for clients to experience five different areas and ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



Corocora Camp, in the Llanos Orientales region of Colombia, is an exclusive tented camp set inside a private reserve in the wetlands of Los Llanos. An eco-region famous for its strong cowboy culture as well as its rich wildlife, its remote grasslands have long been a largely unknown destination due to the inaccessibility and lack of lodging options…until now.

Corocora Camp is operated by Galavanta*, and Georgina visited last year and found it to be somewhere exciting and unique. It offers experiences that will thrill even the most worldly travellers.

The Camp

The camp is located in a 9,000-hectare private reserve, 2.5 hours by car from Yopal (there are 5-10 daily flights to Yopal from Bogota). The private reserve is perfect for the discerning, eco-conscious traveller due to its HUGE diversity of wildlife including deer, capybaras, jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, giant anteaters, pygmy anteaters, anacondas, caimans, piranhas, and over 200 bird species.

The camp is comprised of four sleeping tents with king or twin beds, premium mattresses and linens, en-suite bathroom with flushing lavatories and running shower and a private deck. Unsurpassed views of the savannah and large hammocks suspended in trees all allow for ultimate relaxation and a real feeling of immersion in nature. The social tent is at the centre of the camp, where guests gather for sundowners, meals, and nightcaps around the bonfir

Although the tents are African-made, artisans from rural communities and indigenous tribes throughout Colombia custom-make everything - from natural fibre carpets to intricate baskets, cotton blankets, clay bowls, woven napkins, and hand-painted teapots.

The camp’s chef uses local ingredients and traditional cooking methods to prepare beautifully presented dishes. As every outstanding meal needs to be paired with a good drink, the bar is nicely stocked with 20-year old Colombian rums, single-malt scotches, premium gins and vodkas, and a carefully curated variety of wines.

The Ancient Llanero Culture

The reserve continues to operate as a cattle ranch run by Llaneros, one of the last authentic cowboy cultures in the Americas. Guests can pass the morning with the Llaneros, barefoot riding, herding cattle, learning to use a leather lasso and singing the work chants used to sooth cattle. Finish the day the Llanero way with a traditional parrando; a bonfire dinner with live harp, guitar music and the traditional joropo dance.

Living The ‘Wild’ Life

Corocora Camp offers a wealth of wildlife experiences including walking, horseback riding or 4x4 driving in search of capybaras, jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, giant anteaters, pygmy anteaters, anacondas, caiman and piranhas to name just a few. For the more adventurous, helicopter expeditions to more remote and inaccessible reserves, offer the opportunity to see pink river dolphins in their natural habitat or rare ecosystems such as the endangered moriche palm forests.

Hosted by expert birding guides, 'twitchers' can enjoy specialised birding programmes and the chance to see over 200 species; while photography enthusiasts can learn new techniques alongside a professional wildlife photographer.

Conservation and Sustainability

Corocora Camp is proud to be the first high-end tourism project in Los Llanos, providing high-value for the communities, minimizing environmental impact and generating funds for conservation projects. Guests can get involved by participating in reforestation projects, visiting neighbouring community projects and helping fund wildlife tagging research projects to help track and study animals’ movements and habits.

The camp is designed to minimize environmental impact. Lights and appliances are powered with solar panels, water is sourced from a deep well, organic waste is composted and glass bottles are recycled.

The Nitty Gritty

Rates start at $490 USD per person, per night including all meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, a personal English-speaking naturalist guide and a local Llanero guide offering private localised experiences such as bush walks and birdwatching. All guests pay a conservation fee of $50 USD per person, per reservation. The minimum stay is 2 nights; the ideal stay is 3 nights.

Dry season (December to March) is characterized by arid landscapes and a higher concentration of wildlife. Temperatures range from 21o to 34oC.

Wet season (April to November) offers lush green landscapes and cooler days. Although there are patches of rain, guests can still enjoy all the activities during their stay.

Getting there Guests fly to Yopal El Alcaravan Airport (5-10 commercial flights daily from Bogota), and then drive 2 hours on paved roads to the reserve, with 30-minute off-roading inside the reserve. There is also an option to take a 20-minute helicopter transfer.

*Although this is a project by Galavanta, Corocora Camp is operated and commercialized separately, and as such we are happy to work with other reputable Colombian DMCs. Please contact to request the full rate sheet, activities portfolio and detailed fact sheet.

Rejuvenating India

India’s ancient wellness heritage and stunning landscapes excite the senses, allowing plenty of opportunities for travellers to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with themselves.

With so many holistic choices in India – the birthplace of yoga – clients can indulge both mind and body as part of their journey. A former maharajah's residence, The Amanbagh - which means “peaceful garden” - resides in the shadow of the Aravalli Mountains. Set in the verdant grounds of the resort’s oasis setting, its holistic spa provides a range of therapies and advanced treatments to rejuvenate and detoxify, using traditional Indian techniques.

A South Indian journey can be enhanced with a self-discovery visit to Shreyas retreat in Bangalore. Recognized as one of the finest retreats in the world, yoga is taught in traditional ashram style within a luxurious zen-inspired setting. Guest experiences are personally tailored to cater for every wellbeing whim.  It's the perfect place to forget (or remember) oneself. 

Shakti Kumaon, Shakti Ladakh and Shakti Sikkim were conceived to combine the rejuvenating and de-stressing influence of remote surroundings with luxury accommodation and tours. Private lodges in the little-known region of Kuamaon Himalaya avoid the influx of tourists, allowing for a fully immersive experience. The minimalist mountaintop lodge of Shakti Leti 360° will leave guests feeling on top of the world...figuratively and literally. Awe-inspiring scenery, cookery classes with a Tibetan chef, private yoga sessions, meditation and no wifi or phone signal... it's the perfect spot for those wishing to switch off from the stresses of everyday life. 

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Healing for body and soul

Peru has recently become a hotspot for wellness retreats, with Cusco said to be one of the magnetic centres of the planet, and one of the most powerful spiritual energy centres on earth. Spiritual masters, pilgrims and believers gather year-round in this city to benefit from the powerful vibrations radiated by the Andes, get recharged with positive energy, venerate the sacred spirits of the mountains and make traditional offerings to Mother Earth. 

Peru’s wellness can be experienced in a full range of different ways and can expand beyond its spirituality. The country is now well-placed with top-end properties offering retreats, yoga, body massages and treatments, carefully curated menus using only local produce to support sustainability and the very praised superfoods. Healthy food lovers may find a haven in Peruvian markets and organic food fairs. Andean grains, Amazonian fruits, plants and roots and the Andean and Amazonian natural remedies reign in daily dishes and top restaurants alike, and are the basis for new healthy nutritional diets in everyday life. 

Enigma’s Yoga Treks offer remote, inspiring environments to practice, free from distraction, along some of the most famous paths in the world, including the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Spiritual Treks are transformative, allowing clients to participate in daily traditional Andean ceremonies, whilst also reconnecting with nature. These ceremonies, which may be adapted to each person’s needs, are all led by an original and reputable “paqo,” and take place in specially chosen locations. The daily ceremonies combine with meditation, music therapy sessions and traditional Andean superfoods, designed to nurture the soul, body and spirit. 

Away from the Andes, Peru’s wild and beautiful Northern Coast, with whiter sands and warmer waters than the neighbouring Southern Coastline, is somewhat of a draw not just for the many surfers that it attracts. KiChic, on the peaceful Las Pocitas beach, is a beautiful boutique beachfront resort and a haven of calm to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. KiChic offer nourishing, healthy Peruvian dishes designed for the mind, body and soul - and as much seafood as you can handle. Deep breathing and relaxing come naturally here.

Peru is also a place for the health-conscious adventurer - hiking, biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, swimming…the options are endless! In addition, the altitude of many attractions in Peru adds an extra challenge that helps to burn calories.


A place for headspacE

Known for its love of all things health and fitness related, Australia offers a range of retreats and escapes as varied as its landscape. Snorkeling or scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking in the beautiful national parks.... endless natural beauty locations to truly unplug from the fast-paced world we all live in.

Nestled within the Flinders Ranges, the 60,000-acre private Arkaba Conservancy is an opportunity for clients to reconnect with the land, themselves and each other. Each and every stay supports active conservation work, is an immersive outback experience and an opportunity for guests to explore a different cultural approach to their own wellbeing. It's an idyllic way to connect with nature and encourage a digital detox - devices won't beep out here and the regular city soundscape is replaced by the morning sounds of galahs from the Arkaba Creek. With no televisions, telephones or the typical features of a hotel room to distract, the focus is on engaging the senses in one of the most beautiful properties in Australia. 

The Arkaba Walk offers camping in signature swags under the stars for those looking to leave civilization truly behind to experience an authentic wild bush adventure. Bush walks with a private guide, four-wheel drive ridge-top tours, wildlife viewing safaris or mountain biking offer the perfect blend of health-focused experiences. 

Bamurru Plains is an exclusive safari lodge on the edge of Kakadu National Park, set amongst a profusion of birds and wildlife. With only 10 safari-style luxury bungalows set in wilderness, guests who have become slaves to their digital devices slow down, breathe freely and enjoy an off-the-grid experience, all against the beautiful backdrop of the enormous, biodiverse nature reserve.

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Holistic healing in the clouds

Colombia offers the perfect combination of historic sights, glorious weather and picture-perfect landscapes, but it’s also a country brimming with wellness retreats and health-driven escapes that reconnect to nature. Galavanta’s portfolio of signature experiences ensures every traveller’s need for relaxation and meditation is met. Whether it’s in a colonial town, by the Caribbean ocean, or in a cloud forest, every wellness whim is satisfied.

Perched on a hill overlooking the Sierra Nevada mountains, Casa Galavanta is a quiet haven surrounded by coffee fields and cloud forests. Enjoy endless nature walks and hiking for those seeking to disconnect with a busy life and reconnect with their inner harmony. Luxury permeates every feature of this beautiful private lodge. Guests can perfect their sun salutation with Yoga sessions, and wind down with specially curated, healthy meals made by the in-house chef. Here life is calm and easy.

The grand colonial city of Cartagena is abundant with wellbeing options. The Aurum spa at Casa San Augustin offers holistic experiences for all the senses. Massages, scrubs, aromatherapy and treatments are all inspired by Colombian traditions, incorporating locally sourced ingredients: Pure gold, coffee, volcanic mud, emerald-inspired exfoliations, horse chestnut and botanical Naturopathica oils and lotions. After looking after the body, relax the mind at peace-inducing yoga retreats in private colonial villas in the old city or in secluded islands off Cartagena.   

Isla de Providencia is a wonderfully remote, mountainous Caribbean island with a pace of life ideal for deep relaxation, rest and recuperation. The luxury-style Monasterio del Viento is a place where life feels pure and unrushed. The hotel’s gastronomy ensures delicious, healthy meals are served based on local culinary traditions. Wellness activities on offer include riding at the beach, cookery classes, massages, yoga retreats and ecological walks. And with no Wi-Fi in the house, it truly is secluded paradise personified.


Soothe the spirit and calm the soul

Globally, more and more travellers are including wellness retreats in their itineraries. And where better to de-stress and unwind than the glorious volcanic peaks and awe-inspiring lakes of New Zealand? Ahipara offer exclusive retreats, yoga lessons on private mountains and hikes unlike any other in the world.

The stunning destination retreat of Split Apple, built into a cliff face on the borders of the Abel Tasman National Park, is a place that doesn't compromise on luxury. It offers therapies and wellness techniques that blend effortlessly with the comforts of a top-grade spa. Swapping their shoes for slippers, guests are offered a specially tailored health programme intended to relieve stress, managed by owner Lee Nelson, a retired doctor, whose primary focus is on wellness and meditation. Golden sand beaches, private yachts and a salt-water infinity pool provide the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. If anywhere can inspire wellness, this is it.

Central North Island is known for its lush rainforest and volcanic activity - combined with a strong Maori community. Travellers can enjoy a spiritual welcome on the holy mountain of Mount Titiraupenga in Taupo, with a Miri-Miri treatment, the traditional holistic healing and massage technique of the Maori people, where they can be gifted with energised pounamu (jade), New Zealand's soul stone. Ahipara's strong relationships with the Maori people mean spirituality can be explored in depth, with the spiritual welcome being described by clients as transformational. 

Ahipara also go off the traditional hiking beaten track, seeking out privately guided routes accessed by vehicle, boat or helicopter. Tours can range from walking to an old mining trail, to more active pursuits including sailing, sea kayaking, cycling or heli hiking. In every case, Ahipara's recommendations offer clients the path less trodden rather than the well-known tourist options, and an authentic taste of all that is New Zealand. 



Colombia is a romantic's dream and fast emerging as the 'it' destination. The country's energy and colourful character, boutique retreats and design hotels, offer stylish accommodation options a plenty. The very name Cartagena conjures romance and Galavanta's knowledge of Colombia's beautiful, chic cities is unmatched. But there is also much more to Colombia - romance flourishes on white sandy Caribbean beaches, in secret rainforest pockets, on mountain ridges, in cloud forests, on open savannahs and coastal deserts. Colombia truly has something for every romantic. 

The cobbled streets and upmarket restaurants of the iconic Caribbean city of Cartagena, have long drawn couples seeking a romantic retreat. Santa Clara, which once served as a convent, sits on the picture-perfect Plaza San Diego Square. The hotel's finely renovated Amaral suite is ideal for couples, with its beautiful private terrace and sea views, whirlpool bath and personal butler. Casa San Augustin, an authentic boutique hotel reimagined to keep the colonial heritage intact, provide roses, aromatherapy sets and candles in all rooms to set the romantic mood. Private dinners, salsa lessons and rum tasting sessions with fascinating mixologists are all on offer. Twenty miles from the city lies the Rosario Islands, a dreamy Caribbean archipelago and tropical paradise, best experienced by private speedboat or yacht. 

Let's leave the cities behind (for now) and set out by hot air balloon over the lush rolling hills of the coffee region, champagne in hand, the cares of the world quickly floating away. On landing, jump aboard a jeep and ride (standing up on the back of course) to the stunning Cocora Valley, to discover a romantic picnic set amongst the soaring 60-meter wax palms. Ride by helicopter into the cloud forest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Casa Galavanta, a stunning exclusive-use retreat where gentle days include nature treks, yoga, massage, learning the secrets of the regions cuisine and the secrets of your loved one. Known as 'the most beautiful town' in Colombia, Barichara is paradise personified, with its laid-back vibes, striking canyons and perfect weather all year-round. Clients can experience white-water rafting, coffee plantations and local artisans, all surrounded by dramatic landscapes. Galavanta offer beautiful private villas staffed by attentive teams. From here, adventurous lovers can paraglide over Chicamocha Canyon to a romantic sunset picnic. 

Corocora Camp in Los Llanos is a fully staffed safari-inspired camp surrounded by the Orinoco savannah. Ride out on horseback to see jaguars, anacondas and over 200 species of birds, or spend the day learning the culture of Colombian llanero cowboys. For those seeking sand between their toes, Tayrona National Park is a jungle reserve of plunging waterfalls and deserted beaches. Palomino is Colombia's ultimate tropical paradise with lush jungles, surfing beaches and river paddleboarding. Nestled on the Palomino riverbank, One Love offers charming palapa-thatched huts inspired by the architecture of local indigenous cultures. Couples can doze off together with the jungle chorus as their backdrop. 

Finally, the enigmatic magic of the tiny Colombian island of Providencia is fast gaining recognition. The ultimate retreat and the last untouched island in the Caribbean, it is surrounded by the world's third largest reef and golden-sand beaches. Adventurous romantics can kayak round the Island or dive with reef sharks in Providencia's crystal clear waters. Hidden in the East Coast of the Island, the rustic beach villa of Monasterio del Viento, set on a ridge above the ocean, provides a welcome idyll for couples to kick back and spend time together in uncompromised privacy. 



New Zealand has clear blue skies and fresh mountain air, activities for the adventurous, fabulous food and fine wine alongside wondorous luxury accommodation. But what sets it apart is the space it affords.  Your guests can be entirely alone on a beautiful beach, sip ice-cold champagne on a glacier together, relax on board the only yacht in a lovely cove, or ride the only horses on a windswept mountain range, making it a very natural setting for romance.

Couples can explore the world's largest Polynesian city, Auckland, with its panorama of yachts and many luxury boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafes. Visit the lovely wine regions of Hawke's Bay and the beautiful landscapes of Marlborough before heading to Queenstown, the so-called 'adventure capital of the world.'

New Zealand's famous 'Super Lodges' are spectacularly located! The Boathouse is a water's edge sophisticated paradise.  As part of The Landing Residences, a group of four privately owned houses on the Bay of Islands, it boasts a thousand acres of private beaches surrounded by rolling hills, perfect for a romantic retreat.  On the edge of Lake Wanaka, strikingly designed in timber and glass against the backdrop of the Southern Alps, Whare Kea Lodge appears to float on the edge of the lake. Acacia Cliffs Lodge is perched up high over Lake Taupo.  It's vistas of incredible sunsets, tranquil surroundings and gourmet breakfast in bed are completely divine.

Ahipara offers a jet boat picnic aboard a boat exclusive to guests.  A private BBQ awaits offering whitebait, crayfish and venison on the banks of the Makarora river, the nearby cliff tops or secret beaches.  All cooked by national legend Harvey Hutton who offers private helicoptering and visits to the crystal-clear rivers, mountains and glaciers of his home. 

On a private Maori tour of mystical site Mount Titiraupenga, spend a day understanding greenstone (New Zealand Jade, for some the 'soul stone' of the country).  Meet a Maori kaumatua (chief) who will bless greenstone pendants gifted to guests in the waters of the holy stream, so they leave their shores unblemished.  Romantically significant, it's a wonderfully touching and spiritual part of a couple's journey. 

New Zealand's options for romance are truly impressive and Ahipara aims to impress.



Enigma's goal is that every guest should be totally Peru-spellbound.  However there is room for guests to be spellbound with one another too! With beautiful architecture, mysterious Inca ruins and stunning landscapes, Peru offers romantic settings at every turn.  The country's accommodation also ticks all the boxes; from private hideaways and charming lodges, to restored former palaces built of Inca stone. 

Combine the fabulous food and vibrant art scene of Lima with a romantic sunset yacht cruise along the Pacific Coast - wonderful scenery is enhanced by champagne and appetizers. Or head to the Palomino Islands to swim with sea lions, while a chef prepares a delicious private lunch for two. 

Couples seek out the quiet romance of Paracas due to its tranquil nature and ocean-view seafood restaurants.  The Paracas Desert, an uncommonly rich ecosystem, is a must-see, not only for the abundance of wildlife, but the beauty of the ocean and desert landscapes.  After an epic 4x4 drive through sand dunes, guests enjoy a luxury picnic under the stars, whilst a chef prepares a delicious meal, pours the pisco sours and tends the campfire. 

For truly adventurous lovers, Peru's Sacred Valley offers spectacular scenery and the world's first hanging hotel.  The Natura Viva Sky Lodge Adventure Suites are three transparent capsules, rigged to the side of a 121-metre cliff, offering panoramic views of the heartland of the Inca Empire.  To sleep at Sky lodge, guests must hike & climb using a Via Ferrata and descend using a series of zip lines - it's not for the faint-hearted and sharing the experience is sure to deepen one's appreciation for their partner. 

If clients prefer their feet on terra firma, they can enjoy a beautiful picnic lunch in the valley of the Incas followed by a very personal, shamanic ceremony, to ask the blessings of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) on their life journey together.

Remote and romantic, Iquitos is a tree house lodge offering an entirely different perspective on the Amazon Rainforest.  Watch five different species of monkeys, sloths, macaws, parrots and parakeets at eye-level, swim with pink dolphins in a quiet yet mind-blowing lagoon.  A peaceful paradise bound to pull at the heartstrings of any romantic soul. 

There's much more too - talk to Enigma about champagne suppers aboard a Pullman-style train; their extraordinary take on walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and luxury beach resorts perfect for surfing, whale watching and relaxation.



The remarkable splendour of India is timeless.  Its natural beauty is some of the most awe-inspiring and serene; from Himalayan peaks to Kerala's beautiful backwaters; from coastal retreats to tiger-trodden jungles; from romantic palaces to cliff top bars.  India ticks every romantic box, and if done properly, an Indian honeymoon still represents about the most romantic on the planet. 

Rajasthan captivates the soul, offering luxurious accommodation, camel safaris, magnificent forts and pristine lakes.  Visit the Golden Triangle, home to royal palaces, temples, forts and the Taj Mahal, surely the world's greatest monument to love.  The 'Pink city' of Jaipur is a photographer's dream from vibrant markets to hot air balloon rides over sunset desert scenes.  The impressive Mehrangarh Fort provides a backdrop to the 'Blue City' of Jodhpur where the proud desert people sport turbans and saris in colours of the rainbow.  Udaipur, 'the Venice of the East,' is just made for couples.  Stroll its cobbled streets; explore ancient forts and creamy white havelis.  It is one of India's most charming cities and the perfect place to pop the question, renew vows or simply soak up the magical atmosphere. 

The 1100-year old stepwell dining experience at Narlai village, in the Pali District of Rajasthan is mesmerising.  Illuminated by thousands of oil lamps, travellers are transported back to 6th century Rajasthan.  Dressing for dinner with Rajput turbans and scarves, they arrive at the destination by bullock cart and dine on authentic Rajput delicacies.  

Where tigers roam, the anticipation is palpable, and a safari through the jungles of Ranthambore, Kanha or Bandivgarh National Parks is nostalgic, romantic and exciting.  India's desert landscapes too, are home to a lesser-known big cat...exquisitely beautiful leopards.  The best chance to see wild leopards is from Sujan Jawai, a camp offering impossibly romantic tents with private decks (including one Royal Tented Suite with its own pool) set in a landscape of craggy caves and winding sand river-beds. 

Venture further from the well-beaten tourist trail and into village life in Ladakh with Shakti.  Spend time in renovated village houses in the remote Indian Himalayas, hosted by expert guides.  Days are filled with walking, biking, picnics, rafting, yoga, meditation and delicious authentic fare.  Above all, Shakti adventures are best shared with someone you love. 

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Australia is the great outdoors! The adventures here are as vast as its romantic horizons, and much of Australia's captivating spirit is in its breathtaking wilderness and inspiring landscapes. 

Two come together as one at safari-inspired, Bamurru Plains, where a sleep out in the Treetop Hide is the ultimate in togetherness! After a beautiful chef-prepared dinner in the main lodge, adventurous romantics can quietly slip away to the Hide, spotlighting nocturnal wildlife along the way.  Tune into the sounds of the bush; the call of a Barking Owl, the snort of a buffalo and the thud of a wallaby far below the treetop aerie. Slip into a deluxe swag for a night that is impossibly far from the rest of the world and the very epitome of romantic escapes.  

Arkaba Conservancy's Heli-Swag Experience includes a 30 minute flight over the 60,000 acres of Arkaba and the Elder Range; this is some of Australia's most impressive outback country. Landing at an exclusive site, guests enjoy a romantic-fire-side dinner and an overnight under the Milky Way. In the morning, they awake to a hand-warming hot drink, as the ranges are lit up by the sun, followed by a morning wildlife drive back to the Homestead. The Arkaba Conservancy night skies are huge - from here you can literally see the moon, a billion stars and more. It's the perfect place to curl up with a loved one and dream of what might be.

For those that prefer a 'less exposed' approach to romance, Arkaba offer a helicopter sundowner; beginning with a scenic flight over the spectacular Wilpena Pound. Land at a vantage point to enjoy sparkling wine & canapés at the heart of a 360-degree panorama of natural beauty and changing light. Return to the homestead for a delicious dinner.

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Peruvian food is so hot right now and travellers who once made a beeline for Machu Picchu will find the food scene as much of a draw.  When a country's children name 'chef' as one of their primary 'when I grow up' occupations, you know it's a country that takes food seriously! Peru's cuisine begins with the quality of its ingredients: abundant seafood, meats and produce are found here, including many so-called super foods that the world has only recently taken notice of, such as quinoa, amaranth, lucuma and maca.  Combine this with its multicultural population and you get a thriving local food scene with regional variations just waiting to be explored.  

In Lima, food has long been an important part of its culture; it's a city that prides itself on its reputation as the culinary mecca.  Limenos won't ask travellers what sights they've seen or suggest a stroll; they'll ask what dishes you've tried or invite you to have a meal. 

The team at Enigma have walked Lima's districts to unearth the culinary delights within.  Their food tours, led by culinary expert Marisol, take you through the districts of the capital that best represent the traditional and modern aspects of their culture. Your guide will lead you to local restaurants serving traditional home-style cuisine around two communal tables, as they would in a traditional Picanteria.  You will also have the chance to sample the "chica de jora" Peruvian corn beer -  arrive with a big appetite! 

Exploring the famous Surquillo market you will discover the best chirimoya, or picarones (Peruvian donuts) from a food cart and the vibrant San Pedro market in Cusco helps you experience first-hand how the locals live day-to-day.  

Unique to Enigma is a rustic-chic picnic lunch above the sacred valley of the Incas.  Stylish canopies provide adequate shade in the dry season and beautiful tents (designed by one of Peru's top interior designers) offer protection as the rainy season draws closer.  The menu includes "piqueos" or Peruvian tapas with generous portions topped by petit-fours.  

Enjoy, savour and embrace food from the gastronomic powerhouse of South America. 


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Fiordland Lodge James in the Kitchen (7)-2.jpg

With it's rich soil and favourable climate, New Zealand is globally renowned for its wine, but many are unaware that there's a cuisine that is equally exciting.  If you're an epicurean, this land down under is the place to take your palate.  

Maori Food experience - Tom Loughlin, Ahipara's favourite Maori chef, outdoorsman and tracker, hosts cultural and culinary Maori experiences that combines the traditional with the exotic.  Expect to savour wild pork, mutton bird, paua or greenshell mussels cooked underground, above ground, smoked, steamed, boiled, fried...the delicacies and flavours go on and on.  

Harvey Hutton's unique "heli barbecue" is an Ahipara exclusive!  Feast on crayfish, paua, whitebait or venison on a cliff top, glacier or beach of your choice.  A feast for the eyes and palate.  

Hapuku, Otahuna and Split Apple luxury lodges provide farm to table, ocean to plate fine dining, and picnics for the more adventurous.  Our favourite is freshly caught Paua brought in  by Hapuku's surfing chefs and sauteed on the beach.  

And let's not forget Auckland's world-class dining scene, vibrant and richly diverse.  Al Brown's Depot sharing platters and the degustation at Masu (modern Japanese fusion) are both places favoured by foodies.


Market at Jaisalmer, India.jpg

Locavores will appreciate India's dedication to authentic food.  Banyan can introduce you to the families, chefs and locals behind the naan, biryani, curries and chutneys.  From cooking a traditional Goan Pork Vindaloo to learning more about Indian spices, food holds it's own against the backdrop of India's impressive landscape.  

Cosmopolitan and diverse, the food scene in Kolkata is something else.  Banyan's guides take you through the back alleys of Kolkata discovering the hole in the wall eateries that the locals love.  

If you have even the slightest interest in food or cooking, you owe it to yourself to visit Nimmy Paul's amazing in-home cooking school.  Nimmy gives all she has to her cooking and the end result is wondorous: a meal filled with the flavours of her home and garden and, most importantly, her soul.  

It is said the cuisine of Shakti Himalaya surpasses the upmarket hotels in India.  Signature to Shakti are the hot gourmet picnic lunches with not a road or house in sight. 

Dera Amer is a tented safari camp with plenty of creature comforts.  Sample Shikhari (hunter) cuisine in a forest-set dining pavilion lit with mashals (flaming torches); wash and paint the resident elephants before trekking with them to forests, villages and temples.  Enjoy bonfires, barbecues and blissfully comfortable beds back at boutique base camp.  

Illuminated by thousands of oil lamps, the 1100-year old stepwell dining experience transports guests back to 6th century Rajasthan.  Ignite your taste buds with sumptuous food all within a gloriously traditional setting.  

Banyan are also on hand to assist with restaurant recommendations and reservations.  Have dinner at Trishna, Mumbai, an outstanding and intimate seafood restaurant.  The crab with butter, black pepper and garlic or Hyderabadi fish tikka are house specialities and warrant the hype!  Or sample Indian Accent in Delhi, who serve up a contemporary twist on Indian cuisine.

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Wild Bush Luxury's natural experiences are exclusive, using food and environment as a clear way to connect guests with the country that sustains them.  

Bamurru's culinary approach combines contemporary Australian cuisine with ingredients native to the surrounding bush; as with all they do at Bamurru, the dining experience aims to inspire and reconnect diners with nature.  Favourite ingredients are those that can be sourced from the bush, Finger lime, Lemon Myrtle and Quandong are all local to the area and extremely versatile in the kitchen. On the menu is anything truly Australian from kangaroo skewers to crispy barramundi with finger lime salsa and Quandong ice-cream.  

'The Hide' has been designed in true Wild Bush Luxury style. An authentic Australian picnic lunch is packed and you are dropped out at the wildlife observation deck overlooking the flood plains with lunch, bird book, binoculars and bottle of premium Aussie vino in hand! 

Pre-dinner canapes are served in the bush, either at a waterhole or out on the floodplain with a classic Top End sunset as background. To follow, expect a three-course dinner, hosted by your field guide. Watch a gourmet chef create his favourite bush spiced duck confit in the open kitchen from your dinner table. 

Arkaba has adopted a 'buy local' principle and the head chef uses the very best of South Australia's produce. Meals are based on contemporary Australian cuisine, with a sprinkling of native favourites. Dining is on the outdoor terrace with the ever-changing light and sounds of the bush all around. A firepit in the corner of the garden provides a great spot to retire to after dinner, with a glass of wine or port. 

Helicopter safari - Explore this ancient landscape by helicopter, swoop down through Brachina and Edeowie Gorges before touching-down on a private mountain plateau for a gourmet picnic lunch. Take in magnificent aerial views to the north of Wilpena Pound, east to the Chace Range, west to the Elder and Red Range and south to Yappala and Yourambulla Ranges. The experience is nothing short of spectacular.  

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