By Georgie


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Ahipara's Twist on a Fiordland Discovery

So why Milford Sound?  The answer is accessibility.  Milford is unique in that it has a road going to it.  This allows lots and lots of people to get into buses and then get into lots and lots of ships and see Milford Sound.  That's why lots and lots of people talk about it, and why lots more keep asking Ahipara to send them there.

But that's not what Ahipara is all about.  They're about discovering the essence of a place without being mown down by crowds.  They're about informing people as to why their friends advice was somewhat lacking.  They're about connecting people to New Zealand.  Connecting them to all of Fiordland (if possible) rather than the obvious selling point at an attractive price point.

Ahipara work with the right people to realise these lofty ambitions for their clients.  For a number of years they have been perfecting a special helicopter day with Aspiring Helicopters.  They worked with Lydia Bradey (first lady to climb Everest without oxygen) in developing the concept and have now been putting people through their version of a Fiordland Discovery for a number of years.

It involves the right helicopter; the right pilot; the right menu; an unrushed schedule; the right landing places; lots of flying time; and as much time on the ground as you want.  Oh yes, and they do fly through Milford Sound when the weather lets them.  It takes up maybe 10 minutes of the 4 hours of flying and allows clients to see buses and cruise ships from the air.  The best way to see them!