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With it's rich soil and favourable climate, New Zealand is globally renowned for its wine, but many are unaware that there's a cuisine that is equally exciting.  If you're an epicurean, this land down under is the place to take your palate.  

Maori Food experience - Tom Loughlin, Ahipara's favourite Maori chef, outdoorsman and tracker, hosts cultural and culinary Maori experiences that combines the traditional with the exotic.  Expect to savour wild pork, mutton bird, paua or greenshell mussels cooked underground, above ground, smoked, steamed, boiled, fried...the delicacies and flavours go on and on.  

Harvey Hutton's unique "heli barbecue" is an Ahipara exclusive!  Feast on crayfish, paua, whitebait or venison on a cliff top, glacier or beach of your choice.  A feast for the eyes and palate.  

Hapuku, Otahuna and Split Apple luxury lodges provide farm to table, ocean to plate fine dining, and picnics for the more adventurous.  Our favourite is freshly caught Paua brought in  by Hapuku's surfing chefs and sauteed on the beach.  

And let's not forget Auckland's world-class dining scene, vibrant and richly diverse.  Al Brown's Depot sharing platters and the degustation at Masu (modern Japanese fusion) are both places favoured by foodies.