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Peruvian food is so hot right now and travellers who once made a beeline for Machu Picchu will find the food scene as much of a draw.  When a country's children name 'chef' as one of their primary 'when I grow up' occupations, you know it's a country that takes food seriously! Peru's cuisine begins with the quality of its ingredients: abundant seafood, meats and produce are found here, including many so-called super foods that the world has only recently taken notice of, such as quinoa, amaranth, lucuma and maca.  Combine this with its multicultural population and you get a thriving local food scene with regional variations just waiting to be explored.  

In Lima, food has long been an important part of its culture; it's a city that prides itself on its reputation as the culinary mecca.  Limenos won't ask travellers what sights they've seen or suggest a stroll; they'll ask what dishes you've tried or invite you to have a meal. 

The team at Enigma have walked Lima's districts to unearth the culinary delights within.  Their food tours, led by culinary expert Marisol, take you through the districts of the capital that best represent the traditional and modern aspects of their culture. Your guide will lead you to local restaurants serving traditional home-style cuisine around two communal tables, as they would in a traditional Picanteria.  You will also have the chance to sample the "chica de jora" Peruvian corn beer -  arrive with a big appetite! 

Exploring the famous Surquillo market you will discover the best chirimoya, or picarones (Peruvian donuts) from a food cart and the vibrant San Pedro market in Cusco helps you experience first-hand how the locals live day-to-day.  

Unique to Enigma is a rustic-chic picnic lunch above the sacred valley of the Incas.  Stylish canopies provide adequate shade in the dry season and beautiful tents (designed by one of Peru's top interior designers) offer protection as the rainy season draws closer.  The menu includes "piqueos" or Peruvian tapas with generous portions topped by petit-fours.  

Enjoy, savour and embrace food from the gastronomic powerhouse of South America.