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In the Maori world, the carver is second only to the chief and that is because the carver is entrusted with holding and communicating knowledge, stories and history.  Maori has no written language, as Europeans understand the concept, keeping knowledge in carvings instead.  Hence the beauty and depth of Maori tattoos - these are not pictures, they are words.
Delani has been described (never by himself) as the Tuwharetoa Master Carver.  One of the key keepers of lore for his tribe.  He is very young to have achieved this distinction.  Very young, very modest, and a high achiever.  Having pulled himself up by his bootstraps, he has competed in international bodybuilding competitions, has taken his carving to the highest level and has effortlessly blended tradition with new trends.  He is often entrusted with the wero - the challenge one sees in a traditional powhiri (welcome).

Ahipara offer a day with Delani.  This might be spent carving, teaching others to carve, visiting some of his significant pieces and explaining them or even working with communities and local youth groups to strengthen his people.  You're in good hands here.