By Georgie


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Fredy Conde Huallpa has been a tour guide for over 17 years, and for the most part, has been guiding Enigma guests in and around the Cusco region as well as taking them on adventurous treks. He is not only one of the best and most interesting tour guides in probably all of Peru, but also has his own story to tell.

Since he was young, Fredy has loved playing musical instruments and besides the bass drum, his favourite is the Quena. The Quena is a traditional Peruvian instrument and Andean flute dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Fredy loves playing the instrument during treks to Machu Picchu and the surrounding region. Just Imagine the view of the mountains around you and listening to the sounds of an ancient wind instrument – incredible!

Fredy is also known for his spirituality and his knowledge of the spiritual practices of the Andean world; this led him to co-author the book 'The Fourth Level' with author Elizabeth B. Jenkins.  'The Fourth Level' is a culmination of her 25 years of study, exploration and practice of the Inka Nature Wisdom Tradition.  As a member of the board of the 'Wiraqocha Foundation', which focuses on education, health, traditional medicines and cultural, community and ancestral knowledge preservation, Fredy travels to attend conferences, seminars and talks at universities around the world.  

Fredy is a very unique guide in many different ways but what truly makes him special to Enigma is the immense knowledge he has on all facets of Peruvian life, nowadays as well as historically, and the understanding of guests needs. He has created memories for the clients in very different ways; ranging from short meditation sessions at Machu Picchu to spontaneous visits in communities to see how a traditional Pachamanca, a dish cooked underground over hot stones, is prepared.

Fredy is a true Peruvian soul and someone who makes your journey more magical!