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John Cooper, arguably one of Australia's best guides, is the manager of Bamurru Plains in the Top End of Australia near Kakadu. He has an underlying passion for the North of Australia and shares pioneering stories, wildlife knowledge and experiences of Australia’s last frontiers. Having grown up in Central Queensland, he spent as much time as he could in the outdoors and with a family history in the cattle trade, he was drawn northwards to the vast untouched remoteness of the Northern Territory. The wildlife, landscapes, extremes in weather, along with the challenges of managing a Luxury Lodge drive him daily to showcase this amazing property.

Bamurru Plains is Australia’s version of the Okavango Delta. The range of guided experiences on offer includes skimming across the floodplains by airboat, fishing, spotting crocs from the river boat and viewing the agile wallaby and buffalo on open-top safaris. John’s tours are, for want of a better word, “raw.” He guides in a landscape that changes daily with a large array of wildlife in their natural environment and you cannot script a tour when faced with these two things. To John this is the real Australia and the environment has so many stories to tell. His favourite animal is the Saltwater Crocodile…he says “200 million years they have been around so they must be doing something right!” Asked how people can follow him on social media John replies, “They cannot, my only connection is with the land. Up until recently I thought a tweet was a noise that most people thought a bird made!

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