By Georgie


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Soothe the spirit and calm the soul


Globally, more and more travellers are including wellness retreats in their itineraries. And where better to de-stress and unwind than the glorious volcanic peaks and awe-inspiring lakes of New Zealand? Ahipara offer exclusive retreats, yoga lessons on private mountains and hikes unlike any other in the world.

The stunning destination retreat of Split Apple, built into a cliff face on the borders of the Abel Tasman National Park, is a place that doesn't compromise on luxury. It offers therapies and wellness techniques that blend effortlessly with the comforts of a top-grade spa. Swapping their shoes for slippers, guests are offered a specially tailored health programme intended to relieve stress, managed by owner Lee Nelson, a retired doctor, whose primary focus is on wellness and meditation. Golden sand beaches, private yachts and a salt-water infinity pool provide the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. If anywhere can inspire wellness, this is it.

Central North Island is known for its lush rainforest and volcanic activity - combined with a strong Maori community. Travellers can enjoy a spiritual welcome on the holy mountain of Mount Titiraupenga in Taupo, with a Miri-Miri treatment, the traditional holistic healing and massage technique of the Maori people, where they can be gifted with energised pounamu (jade), New Zealand's soul stone. Ahipara's strong relationships with the Maori people mean spirituality can be explored in depth, with the spiritual welcome being described by clients as transformational. 

Ahipara also go off the traditional hiking beaten track, seeking out privately guided routes accessed by vehicle, boat or helicopter. Tours can range from walking to an old mining trail, to more active pursuits including sailing, sea kayaking, cycling or heli hiking. In every case, Ahipara's recommendations offer clients the path less trodden rather than the well-known tourist options, and an authentic taste of all that is New Zealand.