By Georgie


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Healing for body and soul


Peru has recently become a hotspot for wellness retreats, with Cusco said to be one of the magnetic centres of the planet, and one of the most powerful spiritual energy centres on earth. Spiritual masters, pilgrims and believers gather year-round in this city to benefit from the powerful vibrations radiated by the Andes, get recharged with positive energy, venerate the sacred spirits of the mountains and make traditional offerings to Mother Earth. 

Peru’s wellness can be experienced in a full range of different ways and can expand beyond its spirituality. The country is now well-placed with top-end properties offering retreats, yoga, body massages and treatments, carefully curated menus using only local produce to support sustainability and the very praised superfoods. Healthy food lovers may find a haven in Peruvian markets and organic food fairs. Andean grains, Amazonian fruits, plants and roots and the Andean and Amazonian natural remedies reign in daily dishes and top restaurants alike, and are the basis for new healthy nutritional diets in everyday life. 

Enigma’s Yoga Treks offer remote, inspiring environments to practice, free from distraction, along some of the most famous paths in the world, including the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Spiritual Treks are transformative, allowing clients to participate in daily traditional Andean ceremonies, whilst also reconnecting with nature. These ceremonies, which may be adapted to each person’s needs, are all led by an original and reputable “paqo,” and take place in specially chosen locations. The daily ceremonies combine with meditation, music therapy sessions and traditional Andean superfoods, designed to nurture the soul, body and spirit. 

Away from the Andes, Peru’s wild and beautiful Northern Coast, with whiter sands and warmer waters than the neighbouring Southern Coastline, is somewhat of a draw not just for the many surfers that it attracts. KiChic, on the peaceful Las Pocitas beach, is a beautiful boutique beachfront resort and a haven of calm to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. KiChic offer nourishing, healthy Peruvian dishes designed for the mind, body and soul - and as much seafood as you can handle. Deep breathing and relaxing come naturally here.

Peru is also a place for the health-conscious adventurer - hiking, biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, swimming…the options are endless! In addition, the altitude of many attractions in Peru adds an extra challenge that helps to burn calories.