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The remarkable splendour of India is timeless.  Its natural beauty is some of the most awe-inspiring and serene; from Himalayan peaks to Kerala's beautiful backwaters; from coastal retreats to tiger-trodden jungles; from romantic palaces to cliff top bars.  India ticks every romantic box, and if done properly, an Indian honeymoon still represents about the most romantic on the planet. 

Rajasthan captivates the soul, offering luxurious accommodation, camel safaris, magnificent forts and pristine lakes.  Visit the Golden Triangle, home to royal palaces, temples, forts and the Taj Mahal, surely the world's greatest monument to love.  The 'Pink city' of Jaipur is a photographer's dream from vibrant markets to hot air balloon rides over sunset desert scenes.  The impressive Mehrangarh Fort provides a backdrop to the 'Blue City' of Jodhpur where the proud desert people sport turbans and saris in colours of the rainbow.  Udaipur, 'the Venice of the East,' is just made for couples.  Stroll its cobbled streets; explore ancient forts and creamy white havelis.  It is one of India's most charming cities and the perfect place to pop the question, renew vows or simply soak up the magical atmosphere. 

The 1100-year old stepwell dining experience at Narlai village, in the Pali District of Rajasthan is mesmerising.  Illuminated by thousands of oil lamps, travellers are transported back to 6th century Rajasthan.  Dressing for dinner with Rajput turbans and scarves, they arrive at the destination by bullock cart and dine on authentic Rajput delicacies.  

Where tigers roam, the anticipation is palpable, and a safari through the jungles of Ranthambore, Kanha or Bandivgarh National Parks is nostalgic, romantic and exciting.  India's desert landscapes too, are home to a lesser-known big cat...exquisitely beautiful leopards.  The best chance to see wild leopards is from Sujan Jawai, a camp offering impossibly romantic tents with private decks (including one Royal Tented Suite with its own pool) set in a landscape of craggy caves and winding sand river-beds. 

Venture further from the well-beaten tourist trail and into village life in Ladakh with Shakti.  Spend time in renovated village houses in the remote Indian Himalayas, hosted by expert guides.  Days are filled with walking, biking, picnics, rafting, yoga, meditation and delicious authentic fare.  Above all, Shakti adventures are best shared with someone you love. 

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