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Banyan curate uniquely personal and tailor-made travel experiences in India, combined with exclusive access to the most coveted destinations. Their impressive portfolio truly is a cut above the rest.

India is replete with splendid palaces embodying the historical opulence of past and present. The impressive City Palace is one of the most revered attractions in Jaipur, and still home to the last ruling Royal Family. Carefully crafted tours allow exclusive access to the private rooms of the palace to marvel at its resplendent architecture and verdant gardens.

Widely considered one of the most beautiful and moving religious ceremonies in the world, the Ganga Aarti ceremony in Varanasi is a sight to behold and an unabated tradition. Occuring at the crack of dawn on the Assi Ghat or at sunset at Holy Dashaswamedh Ghat, this devotional offering is a highly choreographed affair, performed by young priests in ceremonial dress on the riverbank. Commencing with the blowing of a conch shell (believed to eliminate all negative energy and heighten senses), large lit lamps, music, bells and incense fill the air, offering devotion to the river Ganga. The whole event is a riot of colour and a unique aesthetic experience to witness at least once in a lifetime.

One of the best-preserved and largest forts in India, the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, is a must-see, awe-inspiring destination. Towering 400 feet above the city, it contains one of the country's most impressive museums. Clients can enjoy exclusive, unprecedented access to the fort, glass of bubbly in hand, alongside an expert curator bringing this majestic fort to life with personal stories and anecdotes.

Safari and India are not two things often associated with each other, yet India is a country replete with wilderness, harbouring not just tigers, elephants and leopards, but fantastic flora and fauna. It also remains one of the best places to see a tiger in the wild. Expert naturalists offer exclusive jeep excursions into tiger reserves long after the general public have left. Coupled with high-end accommodation, it's a privilege few have experienced.

For a truly authentic perspective, clients can embark on a carefully conceived guided tour through the bustling streets of Dehli, led by former street children, with The Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk. The tour allows travellers to hear personal stories from the children themselves and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain real insight into urban India life. Revenue from the tours contributes towards counselling, education and support for more than 5000 children.

India is a country that constantly surprises and never fails to impress. Jungle-smothered wilderness, snow-capped vistas of the Himalayas, awe-inspiring's a country where time has well and truly stood still and where experiences not only exceed the norm but surpass it.

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