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Connecting the native way: Peru's hidden roots


One of Enigma's main focus is the movement of cultural and environmental sustainability. Their goal is to enrich a traveller's Peruvian experience - to really connect to the places they visit, understanding them rather than focusing on the major tourism offerings. Their vision is for travellers to get deep into the skin of Peru. Authenticity is key, under the guide of recommended conservationists, nutritionists, biologists and chefs with years of experience.

The world's most biodiverse forest - the vast and beautiful Peruvian Amazon - is one of the best places to experience the rainforest. With its richness, conservation, wellness and cultural heritage, it also allows this movement of sustainability to flourish. Starting at Puerto Maldonado (a gateway to the Southern Amazon basin), clients are transferred to a local community, unreachable to most visitors to Peru, to experience an authentic and responsible intercultural exchange. Against the tropical forests teeming with wildlife, Enigma's Conservationist expert educates clients in all that this beautiful region can offer. Other explorations include visiting the stunning wildlife spectacle of a macaw clay lick, where hundreds of macaws and parrots gather to munch on nutrient-rich clay. And for those who value the rich cultural aspects of the area, spending time with the traditional nomadic community of the Ese Eja, of which only 700 remain today, remains a unique cultural encounter. Or experiencing the "icaros" by the original 'Yine' women - healing chants practiced since centuries.

On the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado lies a 14-hectare Amazon centre run by a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, who is also a biologist. The centre facilitates wellbeing through the practice of yoga and meditation, but also offers a truly unique and transformational experience through direct contact with the country's cultural heritage. Their aim is to offer a journey of connection with nature and an understanding of the importance of preserving the environment. Ten guest bedrooms are separated by a short trail covered in Brazil nut rinds, with the rooms open to the air, allowing the sounds of the Amazon to soothe guests to sleep. Nutritious local food, nature walks, Amazon visits, meditation and mindfulness are all on offer for those looking for a more holistic experience set apart from the norm. Days close with warm campfires and delicious, nutritious dinners cooked with locally gathered superfoods, while guests learn about environmental conservation in the expert hands of their chefs and biologists.

Authenticity beats in the heart of everything that Enigma offers. The Sacred Valley of the Incas is the cradle of one of the most exceptional corn varieties in the world, adapted to grow only within its boundaries. Visit a real 'White Giant' corn Hacienda to learn how the Incas developed such a unique corn variety, and how ancestral techniques have survived along with the modern production of corn. Afterwards, guests enjoy a delicious 7-course gourmet tasting lunch, savouring local indigenous ingredients and cuisines inspired from Colonial times. All accompanied by the Hacienda's very charming and educated owners, who share their unique life experiences and background.

Enigma's exclusive unmapped journeys combine the very finest of Peru's hidden treasures. Journey on a handcrafted experience to uncharted corners of Peru that will raise the eyebrow of even the most discerning traveller. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, with an emphasis on cultural creativity and luxury, private jets give unprecedented access to bespoke hotspots, whilst revealing and placing the true flavours and essence of Peru right in the palm of traveller's hands. Private dining with top Peruvian chefs and pisco experts allow for a culinary insight that far exceeds expectation.

Peru opens an array of different transformative experiences and encounters that Enigma is always pleased to explore and arrange innovatively, offering a lifestyle the discerning travellers may never have experienced.