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Feeling the rhythms and roads of Colombia


Galavanta offer clients a uniquely cultural experience of music, history and elegance in the form of a private concert by Cartagena's Symphonic orchestra, in the magnificently restored Adolfo Mejia Theatre. Built in 1911, with a baroque style in a republican build, the concert hall hosts the city's most glittering events, and is one of both grandeur and exclusivity. Guests enjoy the delights of an exciting new culinary experience with dinner prepared by Proyecto Caribe, two of Colombia's hottest young chefs, renowned for their standout talent and visually stunning culinary flair. The menu is paired with a set played by the Symphonic Orchestra, with a repertoire of some of the most classic songs from Colombia's Caribbean coast, each "marinated" with a dish inspired by the music itself. The whole experience is truly unique, delighting all the senses.

If the focus is more on active adventure, rally driving across the Andes with a professional rally driver delivers in spades. After choosing their vehicle (think old Toyota Land Cruiser from the 80's or a brand new BMW X5), clients depart from Bogota to experience some of Colombia's most dramatic and diverse landscapes. The drive includes the snow-capped peaks of Nevado Santa Isabel set against clear blue skies, where you can vist the thermal baths. They can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the dramatic deserts and starry skies of Tatacoa or visit Silvia (also known as the Switzerland of the Andes), where the Mizak indigenous community live. It is a drive like no other and ideal for the independently spirited - the rally guide goes in one car and the clients in another. Equipped with radios, GPS, chairs, picnic basket and tables, it's a chance to enjoy coffee breaks and lunch against the backdrop of some of the most stunning views of Colombia.

For those preferring a more bird's eye view, the Sierra Nevada helicopter expedition offers the chance to land in some of the most remote and exotic destinations in the world. Departing from Cartagena, clients fly over the thick tropical rainforest and hover over the ruins of the enigmatic Lost City (Ciudad Perdida). This ancient site is one of Colombia's most remarkably concealed gems, built by the Tayrona tribe in 800AD. A trek to these ruins takes three days, but by helicopter only 20 minutes, and 7 minutes from Casa Galavanta, a stunning private lodge high in the verdant cloud forest. The combination is perfect for those wanting a taste for adventure and raw wilderness, but with the comforts of luxury accommodation. Clients can continue the flight to visit a Kogui indigenous community, a unique cultural exchange few have experienced, before landing on the secluded sandbanks of the Palomino river to spend an afternoon trekking in the jungle, paddle boarding, rafting or kayaking down the river. The trip continues on to the remote Cinto bay of Tayrona reserve, only accessible by boat or air, to enjoy snorkeling, swimming and sundowners on the beach. It's a helicopter expedition uniquely designed and minutely detailed for clients to experience five different areas and ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.