By Georgie


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Crackling campfires, crocodiles and kangaroos


A Wild Bush Luxury experience provides ingredients that are key to the perfect family holiday. Abundant wildlife, spectacular and inspirational landscapes, guides and experiences that broaden horizons both in an environmental and adventure sense and above all a chance to get the children off their iPads and into nature.

Nearly all children have a genuine love of animals and Australia offers an astounding amount of wildlife to satisfy even the smallest of souls. The beautiful Bamurru Plains is a unique safari lodge located just to the west of Kakadu National Park - home to the highest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the Southern hemisphere. Offering a touch of style to a remote and beautiful wilderness, adults with children from six years old can experience the outback with the luxury of home comforts, including top end food and an incredible wet edge pool looking out to the bush and passing wildlife.

Families will be on the lookout for wildlife from open-top safari vehicles. They'll have the opportunity to head off the beaten path on a quad bike adventure, spot crocodiles on a river cruise departing from their own private pontoon and learn to crack a stock whip to name but a few. For parents, there is still the prospect of gourmet dinners, premium wine in comfort and civilization at the safari lodge.

Wild Bush Luxury believe that connecting children to the bush is fundamental to their education and life experience. Arkaba Conservancy, a one-time sheep farming homestead set in 60,000 acres, is an outback adventure for all to treasure and a great counter distraction to television and computer games. Swag camping under the most brilliant starry sky, dinner by the camp fire, stalking kangaroos at the waterhole with expert guides, fossil hunting in Brachina Gorge, feral food at the local pub, sitting motionless in the hide waiting for the galahs to drink, the awe-inspiring beauty of the outback.....these are all things that the team at Wild Bush Luxury know to provide life-long shared memories. They know this because they are parents too!