By Georgie
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Representing the Worlds most inspired travel experiences, united by a belief in the singular power of travel to surprise, delight and transform. 



Simply put George is fantastic! Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for travel is second to none. She knows her clients inside out as well as having invaluable first hand knowledge which shines through. With this she is able to clearly match what we are looking for to what her clients can deliver. Everyone she works with is the best in their area and so we have full confidence with everyone she represents.

In addition to this she is one of the most well connected people I know and has been invaluable in introducing us to some of the most amazing individuals in this industry who are creative and deeply understand what the modern day private traveller is looking for. To be honest not sure where we would be without her!

— Henry Comyn & Duncan Over, Joro Experiences

"Few reps manage to get quite so under the skin of their product as George. Investing a great deal of time and effort in getting to know and understanding the destinations, ground handlers and properties she represents, her specialist knowledge is second to none and as a result the confidence we have in both her and those she represents is unmatched. Always delighted to help and advise, her enthusiasm and energy are infectious and we could not recommend George or her clients more highly."



"When George rings me and says – “Nick I have So and So in town, you should really meet them” then If I can, I certainly oblige as her contacts are always worth meeting. George LOVES and GETS high end travel and totally understands the sort of DMC’s we like to work with and we now happily and successfully work with 3 of her suppliers. If we have demanding travellers that we are using George’s DMC’s to plan their trips, then she is always happy to jump in and add her enthusiasm and passion behind their trip to make sure her suppliers are in the picture and understand the importance of their input and hard work thus giving our clients that extra chance for an even better travel experience.George would always get a big tick from us at laterallife.  Keep up the good work George and many thanks."

— Nick Matthews, Laterallife  


"George is fantastic, extremely knowledgeable, and always has the right people to introduce you to.  She really does work with the absolute best."

— Miranda Boord, Original Travel


”George is one of those unique people that truly and honestly loves to share her passion for the destinations she works with. Her knowledge and experience makes her a one stop shop for ideas on how to create out of the ordinary and inspiring itineraries for our clients.”

— Mats Larsson, Trackers


“Representing and promoting the services of a DMC is very different from those of a hotel, a cruise or a train. A potential client shifting to a new DMC puts a lot more at stake than just testing a new hotel. We have tried other representation services who work for hotels and DMCs and I can say that Georgina is absolutely the best.  
First, she comes from the DMC world and she truly understands both what our job is, what we do and she is convinced of the value our work may have for our clients. Secondly, she really cares and has the sensitivity, understanding and feeling to make the best matches: she does not try and promote our services to everybody - she will put together DMC and client when there really is an interest and she thinks it may be a useful, fruitful partnership. This is extremely valuable to not waste anybody’s time. Finally, the push she has, the insistence, the monitoring she does and the will to go the extra mile are second to none. 
She is a real asset to our company and definitely one of our best investments. To us, she has become a benchmark and a new dimension of what a performing and convinced representative can do for us and for this, we are extremely grateful.”

— Silvia RicO, ENIGMA


"Georgina is one of the friendliest people I have ever worked with. She sparkles, and not only when she starts talking about ‘her’ destinations and products! Her enthusiasm for travelling and exploring is contagious and an appointment of one hour is never enough. She is professional, always wears a smile and knows her clients inside out. Her advice and opinion are highly valued, not only within Talisman travel design but surely far wider too!"

— Evelien Collier, Talisman


“Having lived and travelled extensively in Australia for 4 years, finding and designing some of the most inspirational experiences, George has brought her knowledge, passion and industry relationships to providing a high end representation service.”


“Georgina is a witch. There is no other explanation as to how she can have accumulated this much knowledge, so many contacts and such excellent focus on customer service in so few years. She has been a gift to our business.”

— Tom Cahalan, Dorsia Travel

My - and many others’ - travel fairy godmother. George is a font of knowledge, inspiration and generous introductions for so many of us working in this industry. Need an all-singing, all-dancing DMC in the most remote and unexplored territory on the planet? Better call George! As a natural traveller with an open mind and heart, she has found - and continues to seek out - unique offerings that she shares with us through carefully crafted fam trips, supplier meetings and ever-evolving and innovative showcases.

I have been lucky to experience all of By Georgie’s outstanding portfolio and from all perspectives: as an agent, as a guest and as a fully paid up traveller. All have provided superlative experiences with service that exceeds expectations. For DMCs who aspire to join her line-up, I believe there is a rather long queue. But I heartily recommend joining it. You are also likely to make a very good friend along the way.

— Rosamund King - Rosamund King Private Travel


"George is a walking talking black book of travel ideas and industry connections. I'm not convinced she sleeps."

— Alice Callander, Sally & Alice Travel Co

“Whatever you do, please don’t hire Georgina.  She has done such an excellent job for us since even before we hired her that I’d hate to see her getting too busy to focus on our needs.  In any case she is far too self-motivated, committed and knowledgeable about luxury travel with agency contacts which are extensive and real.  She would make your other contractors look bad.”



"My relationship with George goes back many years in the capacity of both colleague and client. I have nothing but respect for her boundless enthusiasm and passion for her product. She is supremely focused and her networking skills are superb … she is – without doubt – your go to girl for all things travel; she is the ultimate foodie and a fund of ‘who knows who’ tips!" 

— Julia Townsend, Goodacre & Townsend


“George’s passion and knowledge for the product she represents is unrivalled & infectious. She is definitely the person I go to when I need ideas, assistance and advice on the properties she represents in Australia. We at Steppes Travel love working with her”

— KATE BURNELL, Steppes Travel


“George is my default go-to person for inspiration, ideas and advice on matters within the luxury travel market. She is not only great fun to work with but possesses that unique ability to turn the ordinary in to the extraordinary."

— Billy Gammon, VIP Escapes


"Efficient, effective and enthusiastic with an effervescent and engaging personality … that is George. She is always there to assist in anyway with a plethora of ideas, advice and inspiration. George has a unique and innate understanding of her clients and is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the product and people she represents. A consummate professional, George is an invaluable asset to Bailey Robinson and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

— Sarah Parker, Bailey Robinson


"George knows what travel is all about and really understands the "Atlas DNA". She has an incredible network of the most reliable contacts, so whenever she comes to us with a suggestion, our door is open and she has our attention. George is not only a walking encyclopedia when it comes to travel, she is a wonderful, enthusiastic person with whom it's nice to have a glass and who will help you whenever she can – even when it's not travel related!"

 — Bert uyttenbroeck & wiet proesmans, atlas reizen


"Working with George is an absolute pleasure. She goes out of her way to connect people she knows can support each other and is always looking to help where she can. Her in depth knowledge of the travel industry and ability to get under the skin of each business she works with means you know any introduction she makes will always be brilliant. I wish I had her ability to build and maintain the depth of her networks and friendships!"

— rachel reynolds, henry cookson adventures


“George is the Queen of travel… all her clients are the absolute best DMCs and she has more contacts and travel knowledge than anyone else I know… I love working with her! She looks after us all so well, always finding ways to get us together to talk all things travel and inspire us more than she can know. She is so respected in the industry by all she comes into contact with and has so much passion and energy whilst remaining professional and efficient, a real skill! Nothing is too much trouble for her when it comes to helping our clients understand her destinations better and she is always on hand to help. A big thank you from all us independent travel consultants, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you - and it wouldn’t be half as fun!”

— Amy Welfare, Amy Welfare Private Travel

"George is the right fit for Banyan Tours. Her tenacity, passion and positive nature makes her a valuable addition to our sales efforts."

— Jamshyd Sethna, Banyan Tours

“Georgie has been an amazing addition to the Galavanta family. We have learned immensely from Georgie and her thorough experience in the industry. Her unconditional support, passion, positivity, and efficiency are unrivaled. Every time we request something, within minutes we have a follow-up email with next steps, contacts, lists, and action items, all ready to go! Georgie has guided us in our growth process, and we continue to learn from her every day. It’s impossible to imagine running Galavanta without Georgie!”

— Cristina Consuegra, Galavanta